Pokémon Go Heatran raid guide: Best counters and movesets

Via Polygon | Heatran is one of Pokémon Go’s many potential raid targets that appears in tier five raids. Our Pokémon Go Heatran raid guide lists out Heatran’s best moveset, counters, and weaknesses. Best Heatran counters and weaknesses To grab your very own Heatrean, use fighting-, ground-, or water-type moves. It actually has a double

Pokémon Go Mountains of Power guide

Via Polygon | Pokémon Go’s Mountains of Power event continues the Season of Heritage story from Jan. 7-13, 2021. Mountains of Power focuses on Pokémon you might find in caves and dark areas, and it introduced Shiny Slugma to the game, as well as Mega Aerodactyl. Our Pokémon Go guide will list out the spawns

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