Faces for the Web

Experimentation with new elements and structures available for Web Interfaces based on modern HTML + CSS capabilities.

UX & CSS Animation

This is a simple test made to experiment with different CSS animations and transformations in order to create unusual indicators, captions and interactions with latest CSS3 + HTML5 capabilities.

Invested time: 20hrs

Banking UI Improvement

A test that intends to improve on the UI of current banking dashboards available. There was a quick user research performed for this test to identify the information users want to see first and the shortcuts they use the most.

Additionally, the UI was optimized to make it accessible to older users with age-related sight issues.

Invested time: 16hrs

Zílide Arquitectos

Quick exploration of new navigation forms and the recently improved ability to play with larger, better typography on HTML with the help of CSS3.

Hehm Sports Footwear

Same Typography + Navigation elements exploration but this time focused on the fitness industry. One of my favorite ones to design for.