A few words about this project:

[A] —Formerly known as Simple [A] is the most intense project I’ve worked design-wise. I joined the company in 2014 and my skills as a designer were put to test in a wide range of areas.

My Participation:

My tasks at [A] included but are not limited to: Brand Identity, Sales Material, UI/UX Design, Frontend Development, Editorial Design, Animation Design and Video Editing.

An ever-evolving company.

[A] has been in the market for several years now and it’s a company that is going through a constant evolution.

Offering different services for Content Engineering and Information Technologies to large companies and institutions who have huge amounts of content and need some expert help organizing it all and developing custom solutions.

When I joined the team, they were entirely focused on the technology side of their company and felt like it was time to start taking care of the visual part of it and how it was being perceived by their audience.

Although, just like their clients, [A] had already an enormous amount of data, information and elements that needed to be organized and redesigned. So this is where the journey began…

One book to guide them all.

Shortly after starting reworking the brand identity, [A]’s owner Cruce Saunders and I agreed that a brand guidelines document would be very useful for every team member of the company to understand how it was structured and how it should be used.

So I came up with the Brand Book, which is a digital whitepaper that explains all the standards for the brand.

For a complete private showcase of my portfolio with [A], please email me at alfie@anekdamian.com