A few words about this project:

Realistic is a large scale Real Estate Company that offers their services both in Australia and Chile —this last one through a sibling company—.

Their services have always been elite quality, nonetheless, their Corporative Identity didn’t use to be at that level. That was the reason why they contacted us to improve their public image to match the quality of their services.

Our Participation:

We rebuilt their logotype completely and created a new, modern and fresh concept from scratch. Allowing them to have a better presence in online-based market.

This new concept was translated to a fully interactive and dynamic website that will make their clients feel included and pleased to hire Realistic’s Services.

The need for a great design

Born in Chile, Roberto Perez is a trilingual business man whose strongest skills are those related to the Real Estate market. This comes natural to him now, since he’s been in this business for almost 10 years now. Always standing out because of the warm and top quality interaction he holds with his clients.

He’s now solidly positioned in the market with a nice success in his business.

However, Roberto knows that in order to offer a Premium Service and to get the amount of clients he expects to, he needs to make his Company’s Identity reflects that. And that’s why he contacted AnekDamian Diseño: To ensure Realistic is seen as aWorld Class copmany.

A very simple and old logotype.

Realistic’s original logo was a very simple and dated composition that needed to be taken down and build upon. Full of details that just didn’t match with today’s trends or aesthetics.

A very 90s website to garnish…

Along with the dated logotype, Realistic had a very simple and dated website that did not allow a clear and easy navigation throughout the information and services they offered online. So, it was just natural to tear this asset down as well and start from scratch…

Time to start working!

Sketch, sketch, sketch…

We started creating many sketches that would conceptualize the modern look we wanted Realistic to have. Something that would represent both the quality and the solidness of the business, but with a very modern flair.

New identity, new features…

We ditched basically everything that the original site had and started wireframing with a different approach:

New search and filtering systems, booking options and interactive maps and sliders showing the featured properties. So the user could feel more connected with the website and understand more clearly the ‘what’ and the ‘where’.

A solid building…

After a few weeks of tests, meetings and feedback, we decided that a visual metaphor of a building in the form of the letter “R” would be the best base for the new Logotype.

A cleaner typography selection was used and a better hierarchy was applied. Finalizing the design process with a three-variations logotype that can be either the ‘bird-view’ of a building blueprint in the form of an ‘R’, the ‘R’ Building or a Map Pin with the aforementioned ‘R’.

It’s alive! … alive!

A very fresh website was the result of weeks of work. Integrated with Google Maps, and with many animation effects, the new website was the perfect solution for the need of a Modern Dynamism presented by Roberto.

Cleaner sorting and better use of imagery gives this website a more comfortable feeling when browsing it.