A Solution A Day

Experiments of visual solutions for common issues with daily apps and interfaces.

Day #7: Memrise Rebound

This is a rebound on my take on Memrise’s App UI.
The first round was very basic and just a proof of concept about the swiping cards.
I added, removed, rearranged and polished elements in general to create a more refined version that will make it easier to understand the “flash cards” concept.

Day #7: Memrise Rebound (cont.)

Another rebound!
Here you can see the behavior of the sliding cards and how it gives continuity to the experience.

Day #6: Memrise

Memrise is an amazing gamified app for languages and I really love using it for practicing my vocabulary, but I think that their UX can be improved a lot by turning it into a more sequenced set of “flashcards” that can be swiped once you’ve learned each term.

Day #5: A better navigation for a complex website.

Recently, the Mexican Tax Administration Service came up with a series of digital services to make taxation processes much simpler for the regular citizen. There’s only one problem with that: Their website is a complete mess… a nightmare, basically.

No content engineering nor strategy has been applied to the numerous sections and services available. It’s not responsive at all and one of the most complicated things about it, is that the navigations everywhere on the website are so hard to understand.

So I came up with this very simple concept for an improved and organized navigation that would make it easier for the user to find the content they’re looking for regardless of the device they’re visiting from.

Of course this is one of the thousand improvements that could be done to the general experience for this website, but a clean navigation is always a great first start.

Day #4: A better NJ Transit app.

Transportation apps such as NJ Transit and Metro North are highly used apps on the daily basis, and yet they still fail to offer the user a way to quickly access the essential elements they need on the run.

This concept offers a simplified UI that shows shortcuts to the crucial items the user will need on the rush hour without the hassle of having to tap through many screens.

Day #3: A fun product detail page.

eCommerce websites are getting stuck on the same design patterns and the same boxed containers. With modern frameworks and browser capabilities, I think it’s time to start having a little bit more fun with design elements.

Day #2: A Better Flight Card

A take on Google’s Flight Card adding some expanded information.

Some of these dynamic fields are very important to keep at hand and up to date, so it would be ideal if they were part of the card.

Day #1: AC Controller App

UI for an App that will let the user save energy on their AC system by combining different sensors and AI to determine the best times to run during the day and the best temperature.

Harmony Workspaces

UX and Interaction Design for Virtual Workspaces company located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Older Experimentation Work

— Conceptualization —

Samples of older UI/UX concepts.

Radio App Concept

Services App for Kuwaiti Government.

Fitness App

Mudbrick Cottage Mobile Site