Featured Items

EIDI Gengar Wallpaper

Illustration: EIDI Gengar

I got into Pokémon Trading Card Game as a hobby. Both playing and collecting. So, after some time, I started doing illustrations and designing some trading cards for fun. This is definitely one of my favorite illustrations.

UX: Language Learning App

I think Memrise’s system is really good for the way I learn things, but I think their navigation flow could be improved. So I made this micro-prototype for how I imagine their flow could be instead.

Fun Fact: I got interviewed by Memrise and they loved my take on their UI. Sadly, relocating to the UK for their design position wasn’t in the cards at that time.


UX: NJ Transit

After using the NJ Transit App a few times, I realized that their UX for buying/using the tickets wasn’t ideal. So I made this quick mockup of how I would organize both screens (buying / tickets) in one single view with a more intuitive appearance.


3D Modeling: Aware Mind

Digital sculpting is another one of my hobbies. I create objects and scenes based on my own world view. I made a visual language where each object has a meaning and a composition is an encrypted message for the viewer to decode.

More Projects

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure to work on numerous projects constantly wearing many hats. I’ve worked as creative director, front-end coder, UI designer, team leader… and a bunch of other random things…

I breathe art, spirituality and mysticism, but my systemic brain forces my reality to be pretty pragmatic. I love studying why people do what they do. And I’m passionate about creating experiences that will make their lives easier.